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Over 5 years ago, the USL business looked at how it could further improve the excellent services it offered. We asked our customers how we could assist and make their lives easier. We were advised that establishing an in-house servicing division would be beneficial on a number of levels.

Given the cost of expensive biomedical equipment, it makes perfect sense for us to be involved from installation and training through to servicing and maintenance, assisting our customers along every step of the way. USL Biomedical Services has specialised equipment and software to service and calibrate most of our customers’ equipment to manufacturers’ specifications. We offer the following services: On site callout, equipment repair, preventative maintenance, performance verification.

We service all equipment to AS/NZS 3551:2012 standards and all of our technicians have been factory trained. We have a high profile within hospitals and we offer fast turnaround solutions. We can provide preventative maintenance, calibration, EST (Electrical Safety Testing) and/or breakdown assistance, and we hold a range of spare parts for speed of service. We have a purpose-built service department based in Auckland, and we can also service equipment onsite. Our technicians have been certified by manufacturers to calibrate, service and check equipment. 

Peter Gardner

Business Unit Manager USL Biomedical Services

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“If equipment is faulty or is not compliant with the AS/NZS 3551:2012 standard, then staff, patients or residents could be at risk. It’s my job to make sure equipment is performing at optimum levels so that everyone associated with it remains safe.”  

Dennis Kinnear

Senior Biomedical Technician

USL Biomedical Services